~theoryware.net - Status Report: September 2022

Status Report: September 2022

Posted: 2022-09-18 #updates #meta
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This is the “shiny” and new series on my blog called the status report. It has been copied from one notable person in the open source “community” whom I follow. The series aims to be an off-topic dump of things that either are worthy enough to write in a post, or interesting things that I have done.

Anyway, on to the actually interesting things. To all my youtube viewers who actually read my site, I’ve been a bit late on schedule for making videos, simply because I am really busy at this current moment. However, I have been working quite frequently on outlines/scripts (whatever they turn out to be at this point) for some upcoming videos that should be very interesting.

Along with other more interesting news, I now actually have a job in the tech space, thankfully not a big megacorportaion that cares little for its employees. Along with that, I have some exciting projects coming down the line, but names wont be revealed yet, as they are still in the staging phase.

That is all for this month, keep cool and stay safe.

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