~theoryware.net - Status Report: December 2022 (oops)

Status Report: December 2022 (oops)

Posted: 2022-12-30 #updates #meta
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So its been a hell of a long time since I did my last status report. In fact, I missed 2 whole months (oops). But with today being the last day of December as well as 2022, I though this might be a good place to relay my plans for upcoming months. Ive been quite busy in my absence from writing on my website, mainly with real-life developments. Safe to say most of the hellish ringer I was going through is mostly over1.

As for my site moving on to 2023, Ive been thinking of a couple of things to do with this site, but foremost in my mind, I want to start a page/blog for music reviews. Its not really something you can do on a platform like youtube, due to the very restrictive copyright rules. Even if I have the fair use card, videos will most likely be nuked Wether I like it or not. With my sire, I can police things as I please, to no copyright issues to worry about. It would also allow me the freedom of text/video/audio presentation, although I am unsure of how that will pan out. I have also been thinking about another interface change for my website, but I am unsure if ill actually act on it.

As for other matters, I’ve recently been writing a git web frontend, inspired by humungus. While its very alpha software, it *technically* works, albeit with some noticeable performance degradations when loading huge things. There are plans to add management tools that are accessible over ssh, but that’s in the idea phase at current moment.

Other than that see ya on the flip side of next year.

  1. Including some unfortunate technical pains I will detail in another post ↩︎

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