~theoryware.net - Status Report: February 2022

Status Report: February 2022

Posted: 2023-02-16 #meta
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So for a short """ meta """ post to keep people filled in on what is happening to this site and some personal developments on my own end. The past 2 months have been a bit filled with turmoil, I ended up doing a complete 180 in terms of future plans regarding both my career and post-secondary education. I completely switched schools the start of this year, so I have had a mostly uneventful month in that regard.

However, there are some more interesting announcements for this site. Ive made the decision to re-frame content away from a personal shill site to be more focused on my writing. Ive had too many drafts sitting in vc for this site without much satisfaction in what I want to actually do with them. This is mainly due to me edging away from """ topological technology """ that so many other sites and blogs end up writing on. Sure, there will always be some tech talk, but probably on the lesser side. I have ambition to post more on other topics I enjoy and engage with outside of just “muh loonix”.

From its inception, this site has been a “oh shit this will get me hired” thing, however now that I have some work history behind my back, the incentive to keep it that way has completely disappeared. I want to focused more on this being a more long-term writing archive for tech/opinions/music/media/books/misc. Expect a lot of changes on the frontend because things will change drastically in the next couple of months.

If you are enjoying this article from a feed reader, note that there is a chance that feed links could break, so be aware of that as time goes on.

Ive also been looking into an alternative ssg that isnt hugo. The only one that has been relatively interesting so far is haunt but I am nowhere near as talented with scheme compared to go, so I may end up forking hugo just to add in my own code for my needs. However that being said I am 50% sure that is probably as difficult a learning scheme.

Anyhoo more stuff to come, just give me time.

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