The fedi kinda sucks

2023-09-10 | 3 minute read | 537 Words

Recently, the fediverse has gotten a lot of attention. Some of which are

Among other things, the fedi has gotten big, yet its been about the same content from the same users, at least as far as the last 6 months are concerned. But of note (and the reason why I am writing this post) is a thread from about a week ago talking about all of the old platforms that were originally federated, or built off of federated software, and how they would react to the current state of fedi if they federated. Currently there are 2 “factions” of the fedi, the mastodon side, and the dark/alt/pleromacrimes fedi. Of course literally anybody interested in the fedi for more than corporate reasons doesnt care about the mastodon side (I mean who has really), so usually its about the alt fedi side. This side of the fedi has the majority of its users on the following instances:

These instances are the sole reason why the alt fedi is active, and also why most people hate it, especially in the case of poast.

If you are a new platform who wants to federate, you have to deal with these guys. Who will 11 times out of 10 dogpile your users just for the sake of it. Most of this comes from poa.st2 and detroitriotcity, who have literally nothing better to do than stir shit for the sake of it. Most of the other listed instances follow suit, so said firehose of garbage intensifies. Yet these same people shill about how good fedi is, while proceeding to ruin the experience for literally every user who isn’t some 12 year old redditor with the race card.

You’re locked into this too, because graf sure doesn’t care about what his users do, all he seems to care about is trying to make poast an income flow despite the notion of that being literally insane by definition. This of course extends to the smaller users. Poast makes up near 90% of the wider alt network, if you wanna filter them out, so much of the fedi’s content is stripped from you. While the quality of such is debatable, you are missing out either way. The same is for the other instances, just to a lesser degree, since they don’t have terminal retardation as a staple of instance culture.

To quote the thread:

When Minds started federating, the first thing some people tried to do was spread lies about them and start trouble with their users. I don’t even blame them for not federating if they’ve been watching this behavior. “Our guys” are more annoying than Masto troons.

They go out of their way to do this. Its not even funny anymore its just sad. Honestly this is probably what will kill the fedi in the long run. People will get tired of this and head for other places. Some might make their own platforms, some might just use something different.

  1. Originally planned on launch, postponed just before launch. ↩︎

  2. Most notably disallowed such until recently. Curious! ↩︎

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