Announcing Mindwalled

2024-02-25 | 1 minute read | 132 Words

The perceptive among my (dwindling) site viewership will have noticed a new link in the nav being “mindwalled”. This is a recent project of mine as a semi-collaboration with Gabriel from Libre Solutions Network. The main goal of this postcast/talkshow/rambling is to be a more open and less strict discussion on technology and the things that surround it. Planing for it is vaguely topical, but not really strictly bound to that topic. I am extremely excited for what will come out of it!

I have decided to post it on peertube and keep it completely relegated to that platform, not only to prove that publishing media on non-bigtech platforms is viable, but often very doable1.

Why not check out the first episode?

  1. Huge thanks to splitshockvirus who both hosts and maintains danksquad. ↩︎

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