2024... A month late...

2024-02-23 | 3 minute read | 490 Words

Ive been wanting to pay attention to this site for awhile now, I’ve just been so busy1, but now I want to outline what goals I want to achieve this year.

Firstly site content

I’ve come across the 100 days to offload challenge, which is to simply write 100 blogposts of any length on your site in a year. I want to do something similar, but adapt it to what I feel is best. I want to shoot for 50 posts with a minimum of 100 words this year. I have the word minimum mainly for the reason to motivate me to make something actually worth reading.

Secondly my programming skills

I’ve been pretty involved in the realm of Go recently, as I’ve been contracting as a (sole) software engineer for a startup. I want to expand my knowledge of a few languages.

Additionally, I want to write an OS from scratch by the end of this year, or get as close to that as possible this year. The constraints for this are left open to interpretation at the moment, as I have no idea where to begin other than furiously browsing the OSDev wiki.

Other Goals

The rebrand???

hehe its been rebrand 3 of this site now? Im never happy with anything that I do, but I felt like the last iteration, while cool, never was reading-oriented. I have also gone ahead and simplified a lot of the site code, minifying alot of the resources too (my stylesheet is now only ~50loc compared to the near 150loc it originally was).

  1. Not really a valid excuse considering the amount of Devil May Cry 5 I have played in the last 2 months. ↩︎

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